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Nearshoring Engineering Partner- You’re perfect Match

When it comes to choosing your perfect outsourcing partner for your engineering business, there can be some critical factors. Don’t worry, we have completely done all the survey and at the same time developed this all-inclusive guide to help you!

To choose the right company to work with, you should consider some key factors that will help you make the best decision. To make sure that you and your local company create a successful and long partnership, you should take the points below into consideration.

Offshore vs Nearshore – Which one is Right for You?

In both terms, the functions and the engineering service export are nonetheless different. Which way is the best depends on the organizations business process, risk management strategy and goals. It depends on what suits you the most!


Offshoring means that a company is relocating its business process to a further more distant location. In general, the salary in such places is lower and the production cost can significantly decrease. If, however, the production of the outsourcing service- a customer related service, the disadvantage of offshoring should be considered. Distance, language barriers, different time zones, cultural differences can impact significantly on the work.


Nearshoring, on the other hand, means that an organization has transferred work to another organization close by its own region. For the West Europe organizations, Serbia is a nearshoring region and that is why the companies prefer more to outsource within its boundaries mostly because of its data protection laws. Choosing this model, businesses can move their operations or functions to a closer but more cost-effective location, also having small time- zone differences and less cultural discrepancies.

Nearness provides less expensive travel, timely decision-making in critical situations and a greater degree of control. Nearshoring countries are often connected with similar legal constraints and financial that provides economic and social stability close within a region.

The advantages of the companies who wish to outsource are amazing. The opportunity to concentrate on the reallocation of resources to innovation and growth, reduced operation, competencies and managerial risk with none additional improved overall competitiveness and infrastructure investments. If you are stuck with the decision of choosing between these two, you should concentrate on the benefits that it will provide you. Considering the offshore risks, you should be confident about the outcome of your decision.

What’s all the talk about Nearshoring?

Coming to the decision to start with nearshoring, with the country you have selected, the following step is to choose your nearshoring partner.

The idea of Nearshoring is similar as the outsourcing labor to another country, except that instead of outsourcing to a long distant country, you can outsource to a country close to you. The concept is similar to offshoring but with the help of some additional advantages.

Nearshoring provides you benefits of working in a team within the same time zone. It also explains that you are only a short flight away, so whenever your team needs you, or you need them it won’t be a problem just to come in short time.

By choosing the company for nearshoring, how will you know which one is right?

Do you wonder sometimes, how Serbia is a great for nearshoring and you are all ready to set up camp and pack your bag, that’s when you might wonder, how will I find the perfect company that will help me build up my team?
These important factors should be considered when you want to choose the ideal company to work with.

Expertise and experience

Analyzing the experience of the company is essential. The most important thing it to know that you can depend on the company that will help your achieve your goals.

  • Has the company experience with nearshoring?
  • Do they provide nearshore teams or just outsourcing?
  • Has the company’s management have experience with delivering end to end enterprise-scale projects?
  • Is the quality and performance both included to build a successful team?

To Sum Up!

A perfect proffecional nearshoring partner should have a structuring communication process, so as daily communication within the team and also daily standups. It is also important to find a partner that can adjust easily to the new environment and also contains the benefit to problem solve.
The ability of a company to attract and retain amayzing talents is also a major role in the business. Lower abrasion rates is also very important because if it goes wrong it can affect your next projects.
In the end, the main goal is to accomplish a long-term and strong partnership with your nearshorring company. Nearshorring partnership in companies means that you will share the same passion, same drive and as eager as you to accomplish your projects as you are!

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